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Why Should You Choose XPEL Ceramic Window Tint? – Top Reasons.

  • by admin
  • May 29, 2023
Top Benefits of Installing a XPEL Ceramic Window Tint

Are you observing that more and more car owners are installing window tints? And, from a quick internet search, you have learned about the different benefits it offers. Great job!

Now, you are planning to get one installed on your car but are finding the process tedious because a lot of window films are on the market. Right? Just know that this is one of the problems most car owners face. If you are a first-time buyer, remember that all brands will claim their products to be the best, but you must choose wisely. Here in this blog, we will discuss one of the highly regarded brands, XPEL’s ceramic window tint.


Going through this blog will help you know how it can be the best choice for you.


Therefore, without any further ado, let’s get started.


Top Benefits of XPEL Ceramic Window Tints

XPEL Ceramic Window Tint can be a great choice as a window film. This is because this film excels in many areas that car owners search for. Here, are some of the benefits of ceramic window tints that you should know about.


#1. Safeguard from harmful UV rays

The increase in cases of skin cancer is not unknown to us. Therefore, it is very risky to expose ourselves to UVA and UVB rays for an extended period. While traveling, you may get bothered by the glare of the sun, but you may not know that at the same time, bare windows are also allowing harmful UV rays. The high-quality XPEL ceramic tints come with up to SPF 1000 UV protection, and therefore, they can block 99% of UV rays from entering your car’s interior. Plus, it also blocks up to 98% of infrared heat.  Therefore, you can ride your car safely, and if you get distracted because of the glare, or fear about the increasing chances of skin cancer for passengers, you can reduce that chance considerably.


#2. Shield against heat and keep interior cool

During the summer, traveling by car becomes an unpleasant thing to do. The main reason behind this is that the car’s interior gets heated up. The car’s window lets in the hot rays of the sun. For instance, the dashboard, and the car’s seat material heat up, making the environment clammy. Choosing to install the XPEL ceramic window tints helps to prevent this, as they are made up of multiple nanolayers, and this nano-ceramic technology is specially designed to reject heat at lower darkness.


Generally, regular window tints need to be darkened by a greater percentage to increase their heat rejection capability. So, in that case, the darker the window, the cooler your interior will be. However, that can be an inconvenience for many car owners because it reduces visibility. With XPEL ceramic tint, that is not the case.

If you are driving an electric vehicle, you should be aware that less use of air conditioning results in longer battery life and a longer range for your vehicle. This is why, tinted cars are so popular with Tesla owners.


#3. Great clarity

Due to less visibility, many car owners refuse to do window tinting. However, they still want to enjoy the benefits that these accessories offer. XPEL ceramic tints are built to address this issue. The XPEL XR Plus is built with ceramic-particle technology, which makes the tint clearer, so passengers do not face low-light conditions due to a lack of clarity.


#4. Holds broken glass together


This can be a great choice for many reasons, but as a car owner, you would definitely want protection in an unfortunate event of window breakage. This is the protection that a quality window tint, such as XPEL ceramic window tint, can offer. Since it is made up of quality materials, if the window glass breaks, having this window film installed can hold the shards of glasses from entering and scattering in the car’s interior. Therefore, you and the other passengers in the car will stay safe.


#5. No signal interruption

Installing metallic window tints may interfere with your cellular, radio, and Bluetooth signals.  Therefore, you may not have best cell phone signals, play the radio, or receive Bluetooth signals without disturbances. Installing the XPEL ceramic tint will not cause any such issues, because it is metal-free, unlike metals that cause the signals to bounce off and reduce the range of the signal, it allows the signals to pass easily and creates no obstruction.


Take away

Choosing a window film can be a tricky affair if you are not knowledgeable enough about what to expect from it. You may think having a basic idea would be of great help to you; unfortunately, that is the wrong approach. In this blog, we have made an effort to inform you about what you can expect from XPEL ceramic window tint. Hopefully, you will now know why it is one of the most sought-after brands, and it will also be easier for you to make the right decision. However, finally, one thing you must remember is that the installation of the window film should be performed by professionals. So, if you are based in Calgary, you can contact Calgary Window Tinting for both further suggestions and installation services.


  1. This blog is extremely insightful as it throws light on how XPEL ceramic window tint can be beneficial. The writer has shared all the details, which would help people make the right decision. Thanks to the writer.

  2. Thanks for providing complete information about XPEL ceramic window tints. It is really tricky when it comes to choosing window film because so many products are available. This blog will help to make a good decision.

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