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About Us

Who Are We?

Calgary Window Tinting was founded in 2014 to provide the best window film and tinting services for everyone in Calgary. We offer durable and high-quality solutions for home window tinting, car window tinting, paint protection film, and car ceramic coating.

The exterior structures of our homes, offices, and vehicles must bear the brunt of the extreme weather conditions in Calgary. Our windows have to withstand both the glaring heat of the sun and the long cold winters and harsh snowfall. The window tinting services at Calgary Window Tinting aim to provide the best form of protection for these over-used window surfaces.

At Calgary Window Tinting, we work with top-quality window film manufacturers to ensure our customers get only the best. We use high-quality films that do not fade or bubble over time.

Providing the Finest Window Tinting Services in Calgary

Calgary Window Tinting (CWT) offers you the premier choice when picking out affordable and long-lasting solutions for your home window tinting and car window tinting needs.

Since Alberta gets so much sun, window tinting in Calgary is a must. It is much more than just an aesthetic choice. Applying a ceramic tint to your glass windows helps block up to over 98% of harmful UV rays. Window tints also help in reducing heat transmission, which keeps your interiors comfortable.

The Importance of Window Tinting in Calgary

  • Protects from the UV radiation
  • Reduces the glare
  • Increases energy savings
  • Keeps consistent temperature inside
  • Gives more privacy
  • Protects against glass shattering
  • Protects against hailstorms
  • Protects from skin diseases due to UV exposure

What We Do?

Calgary Window Tinting has a highly trained staff to ensure that every window tinting installation we do is perfect and flawless. Before installing a ceramic tint on a window, our installation crew thoroughly cleans the surface. This is done to ensure that no bubbles are left behind due to any dirt or lint stuck between the window and the tint.

Since the inception of our business, Calgary Window Tinting has given top priority to quality and excellence. We have always strived to deliver our customers the highest quality of products at affordable prices. We offer the best level of service we can provide using latest technology and modern equipment.

We use high-quality Xpel window tinting films and 3M paint protection films so they don’t fade or discolor over time.

We are authorized installers of 3M and Xpel products. Therefore, our customers can enjoy a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Our Product Line

  • 3M Crystalline
  • 3M Colorstable
  • 3M Ceramic IR Series
  • Xpel Prime HP
  • Xpel Prime XR Plus Ceramic

We can also arrange Suntek & LLumar films in Calgary.

Our Goal

We at Calgary Window Tinting have the mission to provide the people of Calgary with friendly and affordable window tint services for vehicles, homes, and businesses, using cutting-edge techniques and equipment.

Why do Customers Choose Calgary Window Tinting?

Calgary Window Tinting is one of the top service providers for window tinting and paint protection film in Calgary.

  • Our well-trained staff is our biggest asset who always perfectly complete every installation.
  • Our tinting methods are the latest in the industry. We only use high-quality, high-tier film manufacturers.
  • We use the industry’s most advanced plotter to design and cut car 3M paint protection film.