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Ceramic Coating Packages

Fusion Plus 4 Years and 8 Years ceramic coatings

Xpel Fusion Plus

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Calgary Window Tinting offers the highest quality of car ceramic coating services to protect the paint on your vehicle from external threats. We use Xpel or 3M Ceramic coating only. They give your car enhanced gloss and shine while also protecting your car’s body from corrosion, dust, and water.

Do you remember how shiny your car looked in the showroom? With ceramic coating services, you can preserve the new-painted look of your car if the coating is maintained. Give your car heavy-duty extra protection against environmental factors like dust, rain and UV rays, makes the surface water-repellent, prevents scratches.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

  • Scratch Resistance (Above 9H hardness)
  • Hydrophobic Finish
  • Non-Toxic Coating
  • Weather & UV Resistant
  • Oxidation & Corrosion Resistant
  • Water & Dirt Resistant
  • Thermal Resistance (up to 760°C)
  • Advanced Chemical Resistance
  • Anti-Graffiti
  • Extreme Gloss Finish
  • High Durability

Opt for the Best Ceramic Coating Service in Calgary

A highly advanced chemical polymer solution is applied to the exterior of the car’s body. The main purpose is to protect the paint of your car and give it an ultra-glamorous look. Ceramic coating is an extra layer of protection that saves your car from scratches, chemical contaminants, and environmental hazards.

3M Ceramic Coating & Xpel Fusion are one of the highest quality of car ceramic coating available in the market currently. They delivers a super glossy finish to your car’s exterior surface. In addition to paint protection, the added layer also serves as a long-lasting barrier against external threats.

When you take out the car for a drive regularly, it is bound to suffer some wear and tear. The small stones and gravel on the roads cause chipping and scratches. The long hours of sun exposure can result in fading or discoloration of the paint. Moreover, the exteriors are subject to rains, hail, bird droppings, acid spills, harsh chemicals, etc.

Ceramic coating Calgary gives the best ceramic coating experience to your vehicle. Its superior range of products boast of extremely high durability and scratch resistance. It measures above 9H on the hardness scale. They also provide a high gloss and hydrophobic finish to the car body. This allows all dirt and grime to be wiped off your car’s surface easily. It is a tried and tested product that will keep your car in a new and shiny appearance for a long time.

Why Choose Calgary Window Tinting?

  • Well-trained staff who always complete every installation with perfection
  • Only work with high-quality, high-tier protective film manufacturers
  • Authorized installer for 3M and Xpel
  • Installed in temperature-controlled contaminant-free facility

Ceramic Coating Care:

  • Allow at least 6 hours to cure before getting surface wet
  • Wait 3 days before washing until hardness is fully cured
  • Maintain your protection by re applying periodically

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