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Premium Quality Car Wrap in Calgary

Unleash your ride with stunning car wraps.

Your new or freshly painted car looks stunning. The looks, however, can fade over time, and your car can risk damage as you drive more. All of this can be prevented by adding a top-quality, ultra-thin matte or gloss car wrap. Our high quality PPF wrap acts as an invisible shield and can withstand various threats to your car—debris, rocks, bird droppings, dirt, insects, and others. At Calgary Window Tinting, you get the best PPF wrap in Calgary in a design that can grab eyeballs.

Remember, not every car wrap is the same. The premier car wrap in Calgary, whether glossy or matte, offers excellent customer experience and quality. We are your one-stop destination for all car wraps in Calgary to make your car stand out. Our PPF wrap blends in easily with both factory and custom paint, making it almost indistinguishable from your car’s body. Our glossy or matte car wrap in Calgary allows you to wrap all painted surfaces on your car.

Top Quality
Matte Wrap in Calgary for Your Needs

Unlike traditional glossy car wraps, matte car wraps have a more understated appearance and give your car a distinctive look.
Popular among car enthusiasts, matte car wraps offer several benefits over paint jobs.


A matte car wrap is a more budget-friendly option than a custom paint job to change the look of your car.


Car wraps, including matte wrap in Calgary, can protect your car’s paint from dings, scratches, and other types of damages.


Matte car wraps are made from high-quality urethane material designed to stand against exposure to the elements—rain, sunlight, snow, and other weather conditions.


Matte car wraps can be easily customized in a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures, helping to create a unique and distinctive look for your car. 3M offers a color changing car wrap.

Easy to remove

Unlike traditional paint jobs, matte car wraps, such as the matte car wrap in Calgary, can be easily removed without causing damage to your car’s original paint. This way, you can change the look of your car if you choose to do so.

Best Glossy Car Wrap in Calgary to Enhance Your Car’s Appearance

Glossy car wraps, full car wraps, full PPF wraps, or full XPEL wraps are made from a urethane material offering a high-shine and reflective finish. Our glossy car wrap in Calgary enables you to create a sleek, eye-catching look for your car.). These wraps can either be applied to the entire car or used to highlight specific areas (the roof or hood). The reflective surfaces of glossy car wraps can give your car a more vibrant and high-end look.

As a customer-centric company, Calgary Window Tinting offers a wide range of car wrap options to fit your budget and requirements. Our team’s unwavering commitment to quality ensures your car looks amazing all the time.


What is the best type of car wrap: matte or glossy?

A clear car wrap enhances the glossy paint finish if you desire a clear protection. You may use stealth or matte PPF if you prefer a stealth look. The two films are made of high-grade urethane, offering exceptional protection compared to vinyl wraps and other protections available in the market. Having a full PPF wrap on your vehicle provides the ultimate level of protection.

Are PPF wraps available in different colors?

As opposed to vinyl car wraps, PPF wraps have a limited selection. It is due to the fact that PPF is designed to offer maximum protection without significantly altering the appearance of the vehicle. Matte car wraps can provide a stealth look if you want a distinct appearance.

PPF vs Vinyl wrap, which is better?

Vinyl is thinner and easier to apply than PPF. Vinyl is color and graphics-friendly, and it’s cheap. A PPF, on the other hand, is made of urethane and lasts for a long time. Wrapping your car in paint protection film is the best way to protect the paint.

Do you offer vinyl car wrap?

At Calgary window tinting we only offer stealth and glossy PPF car wraps.

How long does full car wrap installation takes?

A PPF car wrap can be completed in 2 to 5 days. Installation times vary based on vehicle size and difficulty of the install.