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Paint Protection Film in Calgary

Paint Protection Film & Window Tinting in Calgary

Our team of expert paint protection film installers in Calgary know that each vehicle and owner has specific needs and preferences, so we aim to provide you with the best paint protection film for your vehicle.

That’s why we offer a range of paint protection film and window tinting options to suit your specific requirement:

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Custom PPF
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Various window
tint options
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And combination

For top-notch vehicle protection and stunning upgrades, look no further than the skilled technicians at Calgary Window Tinting. We are premium destination for all your window film & Surface protection needs – from car window tinting to paint protection film, ceramic coating to car wraps.


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    Authorized XPEL Dealer
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    Certified PPF & Tint Installers
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    Industry Leading in House DAP Plotter Cut Patterns
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    Certified Ceramic Coating Installers

Our crew is made up of certified PPF specialists, who know the ins and outs of the proper installation. They’ll make sure your car gets a flawless, bubble-free PPF installation.

Count on Calgary's PPF
& Tint Dream Team

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Aftercare Excellence

We don’t just apply and say goodbye. We offer comprehensive aftercare support, with advice on how to care for your PPF and keep it looking amazing for years to come. We have huge selection aftercare products such as XPEL PPF cleaners and ceramic boast.

  • Don’t wait to give your car the ultimate protection it deserves!
  • Get in touch with the best paint protection film installers in Calgary and let our skilled team, work their PPF magic on your ride.
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Tailored Solution

We know every car is special and off the shelf solutions might not be the best. That’s why we customize our paint protection film application to fit your vehicle’s needs, ensuring comprehensive edge to edge coverage and maximum protection.

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Aftercare Excellence

We use only the highest-quality PPF and window tint available, offering amazing protection and unbeatable durability. Your car deserves the best, and that’s what we provide. You can get the XPEL and the 3M films with us.

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Attention to Detail

We are all about the details! Our experts carefully prep your car’s surface before applying the PPF, ensuring a smooth and clean finish that lasts.

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  • We go the extra mile to ensure you’re thrilled with PPF application and the final results.
  • After all, we want your car to look absolutely stunning!

We Guarantee Flawless Install For Paint
Protection Film Calgary

Our unwavering commitment to quality, technical know-how, and a customer- centric approach have made us the number one choice for window tinting and Calgary’s paint protection film. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering exceptional results that make your ride stand out on the road. Experience the difference for yourself and give your ride the royal treatment it deserves.

Paint Protection Film Packages

Calgary Window Tinting is Calgary’s
Premier Paint Protection Film Company

Calgary Window Tinting has established a reputation for providing PPF and bubble free window tinting installation since its inception. In addition to offering the best PPF, we also offer various tint darkening options. With our extensive knowledge of films, Calgary Window Tinting is the right choice for all your car window tinting and PPF requirements.
Paint Protection Film in Calgary is essential for long-term surface protection. At Calgary Window Tinting, we ensure every customer walks away confident in the future of the vehicle.

We go above and beyond to provide


Expert technicians who complete each installation with meticulous perfection


The latest in high-quality, industry-leading PPF suppliers


Authorized installation, & film selection directly from Xpel and 3M


Perfect cuts with highly advanced plotting technology


Friendly staff available to answer any PPF in Calgary questions


What is Paint Protection Film (PPF), and why do I need it for my car?

Think of PPF as a superhero cape for your car! It’s an ultra-thin, transparent film applied to your vehicle’s exterior, shielding it from scratches, chips, UV damage, and more. It keeps your car looking fantastic and helps preserve its resale value. As the ultimate paint protection product, PPF is exceptional for its robust urethane construction.

What makes Calgary Window Tinting the best choice for PPF services in Calgary?

Our PPF technicians are like the dream team for your car’s PPF needs! Our certified PPF specialists use top-quality materials, create tailored solutions for each vehicle, obsess over details and offer comprehensive aftercare support. You and your car will be in great hands!

How long does paint protection film lasts?

A top-notch paint protection film can last up to a whopping 10 years or even longer with proper maintenance. That means your car will stay protected and looking fabulous for a long, long time.

Does PPF change the color of my car’s paint?

No way! Our PPF is practically invisible and won’t change your car’s paint color or appearance. But it will add a dazzling shine that makes your ride look even more spectacular! Top tier films like XPEL Ultimate Plus and 3M Scotchgard Pro Series have a clear glossy look.

Can paint protection film be removed without damaging the paint?

Absolutely! The skilled team at Calgary Window Tinting can safely remove paint protection film without harming your car’s paint. It’ll be just as gorgeous as the day you brought it in!

How does self healing paint protection film work?

Self healing paint protection film is like a miracle worker! It has incredible self healing topcoat, which means when it is exposed to heat the surface level scratches will heal.

Which is the best self healing PPF brand?

XPEL & 3M PPF are the two most reputed self healing PPF brands.

What’s the cost of PPF?

In Calgary, PPF costs $480 for basic coverage and $1880 for comprehensive front coverage. This includes the full hood, bumper, full fenders, headlights, A-pillars, roofline, and rocker panels. Prices for full car wraps are custom, based on the difficulty and vehicle size.

What should I expect during the PPF installation process?

At Calgary Window Tinting, we take pride in our work.

Our experts will meticulously prep your car’s surface before applying the PPF, ensuring, a smooth clean finish.

We’ll also customize the application to fit your vehicle’s needs, giving you full coverage, and maximum protection.

What is PPF aftercare support?

We are here for you even after your PPF is installed!

Calgary Window Tinting offers comprehensive aftercare support, including advice on caring for your PPF and keeping it looking fabulous for years to come.

Does PPF help protect my car’s resale value?

By keeping your car’s paint in mint condition, PPF helps preserve your vehicle’s resale value.

So when it’s time to sell your ride, you’re likely to score a higher price, thanks to its well-maintained appearance. It’s like and investment in your car’s future.

Is paint protection film resistant to harsh weather conditions?

You bet! Paint protection film is designed to withstand all sorts of weather conditions, from the blazing sun to heavy snow and rain.

Your car will be protected, come rain or shine!

Can I wash my car as usual after the paint protection film is applied?


After the initial healing process of one week, you can wash your car just like you normally would. We recommend using high quality car wash soaps.

We’ll provide your with tips and recommendations for maintaining your PPF during our aftercare support, so your ride stays looking fantastic!

What’s the warranty on PPF?

Top tier films like XPEL Ultimate Plus and 3M Scotchgard Pro Series PPF come with 10 years warranty against bubbling, peeling and yellowing.

We select those films because we want you to feel confident and secure int the protection we provide for your vehicle.

How long does the PPF installation process takes?

The installation time can vary depending on your vehicle’s size and complexity.

Our PPF Calgary experts works efficiently to get your car protected as soon as possible.

Most installations are completed the same day. We’’ provide you with and estimated time frame during your appointment scheduling.

How do I schedule an appointment for PPF services?

Getting started is a breeze!

Now you’re in the know about paint protection film and why Calgary Window Tinting is the ultimate choice for PPF services, it’s time to take action!

Book online with us today to schedule your PPF appointment, and together, we’ll make your car the envy of the road!

How do I schedule an appointment for PPF services?

Do you offer Tesla PPF?

You can rely on us to provide you with expert advice on Tesla PPF. No matter what Tesla model you own, we can protect it with paint protection film and ceramic coating. The patterns are cut using the design access platform, which is the most advanced software in the industry. There is no vehicle that is off limits to our skilled PPF installers.

What's better, ceramic coating or paint protection film?

As they serve different purposes, they complement each other. A PPF will provide unbeatable rock chip and scratch protection, while a ceramic coating will create a smooth, water repellent surface. While ceramic offers some surface protection, PPF is a must on the front of the vehicle. Both of them are excellent complements to one another. By combining the two, you will be able to provide your vehicle with the ultimate level of protection.

Does paint protection film have a hydrophobic surface?

The XPEL Ultimate Fusion film is a hydrophobic film with a ceramic coating. A ceramic coating can also be applied to the Ultimate Plus to provide hydrophobic and dirt repellent properties.

Capture the New Car Feeling With
PPF in Calgary

Wear and tear might be a normal part of car ownership, but the high-quality finishing of your vehicle doesn’t have to suffer.
You can capture that new car shine for years to come with paint protection film in Calgary, a high-resolution shield that protects your car from scratches, chips, and rust. From bugs and stones to discoloration and fading, PPF provides invisible protection against the many elements you can’t avoid from behind the wheel. PPF not only preserves the aesthetics of your vehicle – it also defends vulnerable areas such as hoods, rear fender panels, front bumpers, door handle cavities, side mirrors, door edges, and rocker panels.

PPF in Calgary: Total Paint Protection
with Built-In Self-Healing

We’re an authorized installer of the two leading PPF solutions on the market: Xpel Ultimate Plus and Scotchgard Pro from 3M paint protection film. These top-of-the-line high-resolution films provide maximum surface protection guaranteed to preserve and enhance the look of your car.

Paint Protection Film is a one-step process: once your vehicle is outfitted with the undetectable shield, you can drive, wash, and maintain your car as normal. With self-healing chemical properties, any scratches or chips in your PPF you see will disappear with heat – either from the sun, or with exposure to hot water.

Say hello to shine, and goodbye to stress.