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Your premium destination for all your window film & Surface protection needs – from car window tinting to paint protection film, residential and commercial tinting to car ceramic coating.

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Car Tint
Film Provides

Protection from UV
damage and Sun-glare
Heat Reduction
Looks Cool
Reduces rearview Glare

Auto Tinting

"Car window tints give you maximum sun protection even against extreme heat."

Block out the harmful UV rays, increase privacy and cool down the heat inside your vehicle with car window tinting films. Install darkened window film for maximum heat rejection and to reduce the sun’s harsh glare. Maintain a cooling temperature inside your car and protect vinyl and leather from fading. We install both XPEL Prime HP as well as XPEL XR Plus window tints.

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Paint Protection Film

“PPF Clear protective film will keep your car’s paint looking fresh even after it’s really old.”

Paint protection film is the most durable, chip-resistant, and long-term car paint protection available in the market. PPF in Calgary provides scratch resistance and self-healing properties that are far superior to any ceramic coatings. We are pleased to offer Xpel Ultimate Fusion and 3M Paint protection film, Scotchguard.

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Ceramic Coating

“Give your old car a new makeover with ultra-glam and super glossy car ceramic coating.”

Xpel Fusion ceramic Coating is the best ceramic coating for your car. It has an above 9H hardness for scratch resistance and high durability. Its hydrophobic finish allows dirt and grime to be wiped off in an instant, keeping your car new and shiny always.

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Home Window Tinting

“Let’s say goodbye to UV rays and glare and hello to privacy!”

Protect yourself and your loved ones from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays by installing home window tinting films. Curtains and window blinds may be enough for blocking the light, but they do not stop the infrared rays from entering. Install protective window tint films to reduce the glare and heat inside your home. Regulate the interior temperature of your home with residential window tinting services.

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Commercial Tinting

“Keep your confidential information private and block UV rays”

Install window tinting films on commercial buildings to prevent the sun’s UV rays from penetrating inside. The tall glass buildings may look suave and professional, but they also allow a lot of sunlight to enter your space freely. Installing a protective window tint does not block the daylight but stops the UV rays and reduces heat transmission.

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