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PPF Film in Calgary

Car Paint Protection Film Packages in Calgary

Keep Your Car New & Shiny with
Paint Protection Film in Calgary

Calgary Window Tinting offers smart and affordable car paint protection film to keep your car’s original high-quality finishing intact. We use top-tier 3M paint protection film of the highest grade. Our products offer quality and durability as well as enhanced shine.

Remember when you first bought your car? How it sparkled in the garage and you fell in love with its majestic looks! Has that shine and gleam reduced over the years? Install paint protection film to protect your car from scratches, chips, or rust.

Do not think that 3M PPF car film only serves the purpose of good aesthetics. They also protect your car’s surface against external elements such as stones, chips, gravel and rocks. While driving on the road, the bugs and stones hit your car’s body like bullets. They chip away at the car’s paint and leave them open to oxidization (rust).

Our high-resolution PPF Clear protective film protects the car’s original finish from fading or discolouration. We provide invisible protection for vulnerable areas like hoods, rear fender panels, front bumpers, door handle cavities, side mirrors, door edges, and rocker panels.

Why Your Car Needs Paint Protection Film?

  • Protects from rust, scratches, and rock chips
  • Protects the paint from UV ray damage & discoloration
  • More robust than any other clear protection coatings available
  • Self-healing 3M pro films make them maintenance-free
  • 10 Years warranty on installation and product cost
  • Increased resale value
  • Removable if needed
  • No need to apply wax to the covered area
  • It can be scrubbed and washed without causing swirl marks on the paint
  • Enhances the look of the car by masking minor imperfections
  • Deep gloss without glare

Give Strongest Protection with
Self-Healing PPF in Calgary

Calgary Window Tinting is the authorised installer of Xpel Ultimate Fusion and Scotchguard Pro 3M protection films. They are the best grade of high-resolution clear film available in the market currently. It provides maximum protection to your car’s surfaces and enhances the shine of your car paint.

Scotchguard Pro is a self-healing paint protection film. Any scratches or paint chips on your car’s body can be healed by simply putting hot water over the protective film. For minor scratches, sun’s heat alone is enough to heal them.

Scotchgard Pro 3M film is also stain-resistant. The protective film has a top layer of clear coat, giving your vehicle an extra shine. This clear coat makes cleaning the car easy and keeps it with a long-lasting glow.

Why Choose Calgary Window Tinting?

  • Well-trained staff who always complete every installation with perfection
  • Only work with high-quality, high-tier film manufacturers
  • Authorized installer for Xpel and 3M PPF films
  • Use the industry’s most advanced plotter to cut films

We can also install the following automotive PPF on request:

  • SunTek Paint protection film
  • Llumar Clear Bra
  • Avery PPF