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Window Tinting

How long does window tinting take?

Car Window Tinting usually takes 3 to 6 hours, depending on how much coverage you need.

We suggest waiting 48 hours for the film to create a strong bond.

Alberta does not allow any tinting on driver or passenger windows. Tinting rear door windows and back screens is permitted at any percentage. We offer 5%, 10%, 15%, 35%, 50%, or 70%.

Alberta law prohibits the application of films to windshields.

Although we do not offer mobile window tinting, we do provide shuttle service. We believe that a clean and controlled shop environment produces near flawless results.

High-quality window tint films offer a lifetime warranty against bubbling, blue tinge, and fading.

Both films have a lifetime warranty against discoloration or bubbling. Ceramic window tints reject more heat even at a lower level of darkness. The Color Stable tint blocks only 28 percent of heat versus 88 percent for ceramic tint. Ceramic also blocks more UV rays.

We use XPEL Prime CS Color stable as a regular tint and XPEL Prime XR as a Ceramic tint.

It’s advisable to go to a professional for tint removal. If you’re doing DIY tint removal, be careful with the heat and remove the film by pulling. If there’s any adhesive left, remove it with tint adhesive remover. Protect your hands from glue with appropriate PPE.

Window tinting in Calgary costs between $220 to $649 at Calgary Window Tinting. The cost depends on the kind of film and coverage needed. Click here to see our window tinting packages.

The darkest tint we offer is 5%. It’s common for limousines to have tints that only let in 5% of light. For a tint darkness simulator, click here. These films provide excellent privacy.

In electric vehicles, ceramic tint would reduce the amount of battery power required to cool the cabin. For Tesla owners, ceramic window tint is the best option.

Your driver and passenger side windows can’t have films on them. Windshield films are also not allowed.

Paint Protection Film

When can I wash the car after 3M PPF installation?

Avoid washing your car for 3 days, and don’t wash PPF edges for 1 month.

Stealth PPF or Stealth XPEL wraps are matte, while clear film is glossy. A stealth wrap also lets you change the color of your car.

PPF installations are completed on the same day. A full XPEL wrap can take up to three days.