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Home Window Tinting Calgary

Home is the place where you feel most comfortable at. But does the harsh sunlight disturb you peeking through the glass windows? Inside your home, you feel safe behind the locked doors and shut windows. But ever worried about the safety of your family members if a glass window shatters? Ever Concerned someone can see who’s home?

At Calgary Window Tinting, we provide high-quality and durable window film protective tints for residential properties. Block out the harmful UV rays of the sun. Reduce heat transmission and monitor the temperature of your home. Some window tinting film also adds a layer of security by protecting your glass from shattering against breakage. And finally get more privacy with a slightly darkened and tinted window.

The charges for a home window tinting package at Calgary Window Tinting differs for every residence. It is determined based on the number of windows present in a house and the size and shape of the windows.

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Types of Home Window Tinting

Thinking about installing a window film for your residential windows? But before selecting a service,
find out the different types of residential window tints.

Solar Window Films

This is the most common window tinting used by residents of Calgary. It blocks up to 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays. It prevents the fading out or discoloration of your furniture and furnishings. Installing this window film keeps the inhabitants cool and comfortable inside their homes. Solar films come with heat rejection technology, which helps in maintaining the interior temperature of the house. It reduces the large amounts of heat transmissions that happens through the windows and brings down your energy costs.

Privacy Window Films

Install a privacy window film and keep away strangers from peeping out inside your house. If you have many prized possessions inside your home, this becomes necessary for your security. Privacy films act as a deterrent for thieves trying to look inside your house; but it doesn’t stop the people inside from looking outside. They offer clear views without compromising on your privacy.

Security Window Films

In the unfortunate circumstance that a break-in does happen at your house, a security window film will ensure that the glass doesn’t shatter and get spread all over the place. Scattered glass shards can cause some seriously injure someone. By opting for this type of home window tinting, your glass windows get an added layer of protection. They will not break or shatter even during a hailstorm.

Why Choose
Home Window Tinting?

Residential window tinting comes highly recommended from most homeowners.
We look at the main advantages below.

Sun Protection

UV rays from the sun can cause skin cancer, allergies, sunburn, and premature ageing. Ordinary glass windows do a poor job of blocking these harmful rays. Window tinting films successfully block up to 99% of the UV radiation.

Glare Reduction

If your television is placed in front of large open windows, the sunlight may often cause visibility problems due to the reflective glare on the screen. Installing a window tint reduces this glare and makes TV viewing a more pleasurable experience.

Energy Efficiency

Glass windows are the biggest source of heat transmission into and out of the home. In the summer, sunlight pours in and increases the temperature. In the winter, the cold seeps in and reduces the temperature. Installing window tinting will stop this transmission and saves up to 30% in energy costs.

Consistent Climate

As the heat transmission stops, it helps maintain a stable temperature inside your home. This not only feels more comfortable but is also good for any pets and houseplants.


Home window tinting stops outsiders from peeking inside your house, giving you more privacy and peace of mind.


Anti-shatter security film keeps the glass window together, preventing them from shattering against any breakage. The windows are harder to break, providing added security against intruders. These films are crystal clear, but a dark tint can always be added on top for privacy.

Commercial Window Tinting for Offices

Give your office building the swanky new look with glass window facades. And give your windows the protection they need with commercial window tinting services.

At Calgary Window Tinting, we provide high-grade window film packages for commercial properties. The cost will differ for each building based on the number of windows and the shape and size of each window.

Commercial window tinting is great for storefronts, offices, working spaces, and dental clinics. Keeping your privacy is paramount in the offices. Tint films with a stealth look can help reduce peeking. There’s a see-through side and a blind side to these films. window films:

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