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Why Should You Go with Tinted Windows for Your Home?

  • by admin
  • Jul 23, 2022
Home Window Tinting

If you are living in Calgary, then you are no stranger to harsh reflective sunlight during the long summer days. Direct sunlight pouring in from the windows can increase the overall temperature of a room and cause discomfort for the residents. Home window tinting is a popular choice among many homeowners as it blocks the heat of the sun and reduces energy consumption of the home.

Below, we look at some of the top benefits of installing window tint films for your home windows.

UV Protection

Being inside our homes, we think we are safe from the harmful UV radiation of the sun. But sitting in front of an unprotected window could leave you exposed to the unhealthy UV rays. Long hours of exposure to UV radiation could lead to certain health risks such as skin aging, skin cancer, melanoma, and so on. Today, you can install tinted window films that successfully blocks up to 99% of UV radiation. This gives the residents protection from the harmful rays of the sun.  

Energy Conservation

Energy savings is one of the primary reasons for homeowners to choose home window tinting for their residences. Unprotected glass windows allow heat transmission freely. This means the heat of the sun gets in during the summers and cold air comes in during the winters. This is the reason why the window area in your home becomes hot during the summer and cold during the winter. By installing window films, you can prevent the heat transmission in your home, which could results in up to 30% of energy savings.

Consistent Temperatures

Tinted windows block the heat of the sun from coming into your rooms. This stops your home from becoming hotter in the summer and colder in the winter. With reduced heat transmissions, the temperature of your rooms become more regulated. It keeps the climate inside the house consistent, which creates comfort for you as well as your pets and houseplants.

Glare Reduction

Glare from sun can be very annoying when using digital devices like the television or a desktop. Especially if you have a home office, glare on the computer screen can hamper your productivity. Installing window tint films not only blocks the heat of the sun but also reduces the glare coming through the windows. This makes watching your favourite TV show on the large screen much more enjoyable.


Glass windows can easily break by accidents, such as a baseball hitting with force or due to strong winds during a storm. A security window film holds the glass pieces together, so it does not shatter and scatter all over the room. This saves the people in the home from getting hurt by flyaway pieces of tiny glass shards.  


Window films also add to the security of your home. Glass windows are easy to break in and are often targeted by thieves and burglars. Because of the protective layer of the security film, breakages are tougher, and darker film makes it harder to see inside whether someone is home, so thefts are less likely.


There are various types of residential window films available in the market. You can choose a film, which in addition to UV protection, also provides more privacy to the residents. Such products come with a darker tint, blocking the view from the outside and gives you better sense of privacy.


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