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Why Should You Consider Installing 3M Paint Protection Film?

  • by admin
  • Nov 18, 2022

No matter how cautious as a car owner you are, you can’t save your car from regular wear and tear totally, especially when it comes to the car’s exterior. External elements like the weather, road salt, dust, and debris all can damage the finish of the car. Thus, it is extremely important to protect the car’s exterior, and this is why most car owners these days are turning to paint protection films. Good quality paint protection films such as 3M paint protection films (PPF) are considered a great option when it comes to additional protection for vehicles. If as a car owner you are not sure about installing 3M paint protection films, then check out how 3M PPF can help.

Top Reasons You Should Install 3M Paint Protection Film

Let’s find out why should you choose 3M paint protection film.

1. Excellent protection: By installing 3M paint protection film, you can stay assured that your car has the best protection. This is because the 3M paint protection films are designed to safeguard the car from scratches, corrosion, stains, dirt and even extreme weather. For instance, when it comes to harmful UV rays, the unique chemical properties of this PPF help to block the rays and prevent car paint fading.

2. Invisible protection: The 3M PPF is transparent and has high gloss look. Therefore, when professionals install these paint protection films on your car it appears invisible to the viewers’ eyes. These films cannot be easily detected if not closely inspected. So, your car’s appearance only becomes shinier and glossier, and you don’t have to compromise on its looks.

3. Self-heals surface scratches: One of the best features Scotchgard Pro 3M paint protection film is that it has self-healing properties. The sacrificial layer of paint protection film help to protect the vehicle’s paint, and even have the potential to heal itself from the surface-level damage. It is made of urethane which is scratch resistant in nature. So, what happens is that when the 3M PPF comes in contact with heat, its self-healing properties activate. Therefore, when you wash your car with lukewarm water and leave it under the sun, the PPF heals the minor surface scratches and damages on the car’s film.

4. Easy to clean: Shiny paints of the car look great, however, over time this shine of the car fades away. And to bring back the same shine, you are required to re-paint the car, polish, and wash it frequently. The 3M PPF repels dust, grime and dirt from the surface. Further, in case the dirt sticks on the car’s surface it can also be removed with the help of micro-fiber towel and waterless wash chemicals by swiping on the car’s surface. Therefore, by installing a paint protection film, you will not have to stay concerned about frequent car washes and waxing and save money on the services easily.

Conclusion: There are more ways in which 3M paint protection film offers protection to the car such as it offers exceptional clarity, saves the car’s paint from fading and yellowing, does not alter the car paint color and more. In this blog, we have narrowed down some of the most important benefits of paint protection film. If you enjoy the benefits of car waxing, but do not want to invest in it frequently, then 3M PPF is for you! In fact, it offers more benefits in comparison to car waxing. So, it is a great way to protect your vehicle. However, make sure that you install the PPF from a good service provider. If you are in Calgary, you can rely on Calgary Window Tinting for its surface protection services.

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  1. 3M PPF are growing in popularity. This blog helps to understand the ‘why’ behind its popularity, and has explained some of the top benefits it offers.

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