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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Car Paint Protection Film

  • by admin
  • Mar 15, 2023

For car protection needs, paint protection films are what a large number of car owners are choosing these days. The reasons are the many benefits that paint protection film offers, such as eliminating unparallel robust protection with self-healing technologies, offering invisible protection, preventing chemical damage, rock chips, and more. However, to enjoy all these benefits the paint protection film pre-and post-installation works must be done in the right manner. Many car owners when getting the PPF installed on their cars make mistakes, which ruin their experience. So, if you are planning to install a paint protection film on your car, make sure that you are aware of what mistakes are commonly made and then go ahead and make the best decision.

So, let’s check out the mistakes that car owners commonly make.

Top Mistakes You Should Avoid When Getting PPF for Your Car

Here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid when getting paint protection film for your car.

#1 Mistake: Investing in Low-Quality PPF: There are many types of paint protection films (PPF) available on the market. They are available in different price ranges. Now, if you choose a particular PPF because it is the cheapest, then the quality will be compromised. Low-quality PPF lacks the required adhesive strength, and it won’t last long. Further, it may also not have the ability to endure extreme temperatures, so when exposed to such temperatures for a long time, it can peel or start cracking. And a low-quality PPF may not offer the same amount of clarity in comparison to a high-quality PPF and won’t offer the same level of protection as the latter. So, don’t make the mistake of buying a cheap and low-quality paint protection film. If you want the best for your car, then you must invest in a high-quality paint protection film with self-healing properties.

#2 Mistake: Installing PPF Only on fewer Areas of the Car: One of the top mistakes that people make when installing paint protection films on their cars is that they choose to install the PPF only on modest sections of the car. While it may appear to be a wise decision, practically, it is not. This is because if you leave some sections of the car unprotected especially the front end, they will get rock chips and scratches, which can lead to corrosion and damage the car. PPFs are designed to protect a car entirely, so make sure that you install the PPF on at least most vulnerable areas if not on the entire car.

Those LED lights on new cars are expensive. Since they sit in front, they get nicked easily. The headlights should have paint protection film too. You’re better off with more PPF. Over time, this can save you money.Also when you opt for a full hood and full fenders the edges are tucked in which does not alter the car’s appearance because there is no seam in the midst of the hood & fenders. Rocker panels PPF should also be considered due to their position on the car.

#3 Mistake: Not Preparing the Car’s Surface for PPF: It is immensely important to make sure that your car’s surface is prepared before the installation of the paint protection film. Many make the mistake of not preparing the surface, leading to replacements and pealed edges. A car’s surface needs to be free of contaminants, dirt, and debris. Plus, it also needs to be free of waxes and sealants.

Therefore, the car’s surface must be cleaned thoroughly with the help of a mild detergent and followed by iron remover and clay bar treatment. Once the surface has been cleaned, excess water should be removed with the help of a lint-free cloth and a special squeegee. Plus, make sure to clean the grease on the inner side of the hood’s edges with proper chemicals.

When you go to a reputable shop with expert installers, they will ensure a proper surface prep is done.

#4 Mistake: Rushing the Installation Process: PPF installation requires expertise and should be done in a proper manner. Using the proper techniques and following the steps carefully is the key to success. Rushing through the process would land you in trouble, as you may commit costly mistakes. It’s always best to hire a professional. A proper PPF install requires years of experience.

If you are based in Calgary and want the successful installation of paint protection film on your car, then hire the professionals who can offer the best paint protection film in Calgary installation services.

#5 Mistake: Lining Up the Edges of Paint Protection Film in an Incorrect Manner: Perfectly lining up the PPF edges is extremely important for a successful installation. Because leaving too much film on one side will result in a stretching on the other side. Stretching the film can compromise its thickness thus reducing the level of protection.

When lining up a PPF, the installer needs to ensure that the pattern is followed by tacking important areas first.For this, the person who is installing the paint protection film on the car should make it a point to align the pattern of the PPF with the pattern of the surface. If the line-up is not done correctly, an undesirable result and gaps could be created.Also not squeegeeing out slip solution properly can create bubbles, which can negatively affect the appearance of the install and reduce the performance of PPF.

Hiring a professional for this work would be the best decision, since they have the right knowledge, knows the technique, and can ensure a smooth and effective installation.

Conclusion: When you get paint protection film installed on your car, you need to remember that you are purchasing it to protect the car’s paint. So, it is important that you know everything you need to and do the needful. Thus, knowing about these above-mentioned mistakes and avoiding them would be of great help. If you are about to install PPF on your car and are looking for an experienced installer in Calgary, then you can get in touch with Calgary Window Tinting.


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