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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Paint Protection Films

  • by admin
  • Sep 15, 2023
Commonly Asked Questions & Answers About Paint Protection Films

Are you concerned about your car’s paint because it is losing its shiny appearance? Well, you are not alone in this, cars are generally one of the fastest depreciating assets, and it is also a fact that keeping their showroom shine is a near-impossible thing. However, you can slow down the aging of your car by keeping it protected. Repainting is an expensive option, and hence, most car owners prefer a ceramic coating, waxing, a vinyl car wrap, or the most popular option, paint protection film also known as PPF. Even though the popularity of paint protection films is soaring, there are still car owners who are not aware of them and have many questions about them. In this blog, we have addressed some of the questions and provided the answers to them.


Top Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About Paint Protection Films


Before investing in paint protection films, it is important to have the correct information in order to make an informed decision.


#1. What Is a Paint Protection Film?


The paint protection film is also known as a clear bra, or PPF, and consists of a clear thermoplastic urethane film. It acts as a tough barrier between external factors and car’s paint and protects it from rocks, UV fading, bug splatters, scratches, road salt, and more.


#2. How Is It Installed to a Vehicle?


All paint protection films come with an adhesive, which allows them to get attached to the car’s surface. Now, before the paint protection film is bonded, the surface of the car needs to be cleaned, it must be free of debris. For this, the professionals first prepare the car’s surface properly and then proceed to install it. With the help of software, the paint protection film is cut according to the car’s measurements. An application solution also known as slip solution is spread on the surface of the car, which allows it to perfectly install the film. After the installation has been performed, using a squeegee, the extra solution after the application is removed from beneath the film. Then, the paint protection film is dried there after to ensure the paint protection film fits well.


#3. Can a PPF Be Truly Self-Healing?


This feature often becomes a little too difficult for customers to believe. However, this is true, and among the various variants of the paint protection film, self-healing paint protection film is one of the most popular variants, which, when installed on the car, can heal the minor scratches on the film. When it comes into contact with the warm temperature, the scratches get fixed.


#4. How Long Will It Last?


By now you may be aware that there are several types of paint protection films available on the market. While some come with long durability, some last more than a few years. Generally, the inferior paint protection films, which are made of low-quality material, and available at cheap prices will last for a few years. On the other hand, a long-lastingpaint protection film will last for up to ten years or more than that.


One thing that you must remember is that when you install a paint protection film, make sure that you take good care of the film. A poorly maintained film may not last long, as your car is continuously exposed to dirt, weather elements and debris. A regular car washing will prevent the film from becoming stained.


#5. What Are the Coverage Options Available?


With PPF more is better. Experts suggest car owners cover their entire car with a paint protection film or at least the front end. However, you have the option to partially apply this film to your car. For instance, you can install the PPF on the hood, partial fenders, mirrors, complete front bumpers, roofline, A-pillars, Rocker panels, headlights, and fog lights. If you are based out of Calgary and want to install a PPF in Calgary, then make sure that you get in touch with top-notch professional installers.



Paint protection films are designed to offer great protection to vehicles. It protects the vehicles from cosmetic damage, preserves the true beauty of the car, etc. Now, hopefully, in this blog, we have been able to give you answers to the questions you had in mind. If you have more questions, then you can get in touch with our professionals at Calgary Window Tinting. You can take a look at the blog section for more information.

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