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A Step-by-Step Guide on How Professionals Apply Car Ceramic Coating.

  • by admin
  • May 15, 2023
How Do Professionals Apply Ceramic Coating on a Car?

Coating a car with car ceramic coating offers great benefits, such as adding a great shine to the car and protecting it from dust, dirt, and water spots. This is why many car owners coat their cars with car ceramic coating; while that is good news, the main concern is that many car owners attempt to apply the car ceramic coating to their cars themselves. Since technologies have advanced and professionals use the latest tools and equipment to apply the coating, it would be simple to understand which one would be better for you. However, if you are not aware of the steps that a detailer follows when applying a ceramic coating, then here in this blog you will learn about them.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How Professionals Apply Ceramic Coating

A proper ceramic coating is applied to the car by top professionals in the following manner:

Step 1: Prepare the Car’s Exterior

Applying the ceramic coating to the car does not begin right away. Firstly, the surface must be dust-free, clean, swirl marks free, and devoid of anything that can cause hindrances in smooth application work.

Now, as the owner of a new car, you might think about skipping this stage; however, that would be huge mistake. Even a new car’s surface contains stuck-on dirt, glue, and rail dust, and that can waste effort. So, here are the following points that professionals follow to apply car ceramic coating:

  • Clean the car’s exterior

The car is first washed, and this means that there can be soap residue and other stuff on the paint. To get rid of such stuff, the professional sprays the panel of the car with a cleaner, and then the detailer rinses it off.

Decontaminate the car’s paint

Thereafter, the professionals check for tiny bumps on the car paint by running a hand over it. This is known as the gunk that stays stuck to the car’s paint, and for a proper application of the ceramic coating, this needs to be eliminated. Thus, a clay bar is scrubbed over the paint section by section to decontaminate the paint. This step is repeated until the whole new car has been completed.

  • Get rid of the scratches

With the help of a finishing compound, a light polish is done on a car. And, if the car is old, then a thorough cut and polish are required to get rid of the scratches and swirl marks.

  • Give it a final touch.

In order to get rid of any hidden moisture in the panel gaps that can mess up the ceramic coating, a blower is used to eliminate any remaining moisture. Thereafter, with a microfiber cloth, the car surface is properly wiped.

Step 2: Apply the Ceramic Coating

After preparing the surface, the car becomes ready for application. The professionals now begin the process of laying down the layer of ceramic coating, which is done with great expertise and applied in a climate-controlled environment that has a temperature between 65 and 75 degrees.

Drops of the car ceramic coating are applied to the applicator. First, an area of 3×3 is covered with the ceramic liquid in a straight line and wiped. It is checked to see whether the applicator is gliding properly; if it is not gliding but just dragging, then a few more drops are added to the surface.

As the coating bonds with the paint and starts drying, a rainbow effect can be visualized. In between one and three minutes, it will become hazy, with a high temperature and high humidity on the shorter end of the range. This is known as “flash time.”

Wipe off

In a circular pattern, the area where the car ceramic coating has been applied is wiped off with controlled pressure, and this way the residues are removed.

This process is repeated till the entire surface is coated with ceramic coating. Ideally, two coats of the ceramic coating are applied by professionals to keep the car protected from water droplets, scratches, and dirt.

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Step 3: All About the Cure

After the application, when it is drying, it often looks like it has already dried, but actually, it hasn’t cured. The professionals stay careful in this stage and see to it that the car’s surface doesn’t get wet for at least the next forty-eight hours. Generally, the car becomes safe to be driven and wet again after two days of the application. However, the ceramic coating will continue to harden or cure for seven days or more.

Point to be noted

After the application of the ceramic coating, the car’s surface would not attract as much dust and dirt as it did before, since the porous finish of the paint has been smoothed at the microscopic level. However, that is not to say that your car will not get dirty again; it definitely will. Thus, you must maintain the car after the ceramic coating is applied to it.


So, this is how the car ceramic coating is applied to a car by top professionals. The professionals know when to do what and can help you get back a car that is sparkly, shiny, and supremely protected. Therefore, if you are someone who is thinking of getting your car protected with a ceramic coating, you can get in touch with top detailers. If you are based in Calgary, then you can contact Calgary Window Tinting.

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  1. Car maintenance is a professional area. This blog shows in detail how professionals install a ceramic coating. Thanks to the writer for informing us of the standard manner in which it is done. Will surely help people find the difference between DIY and professional methods and make the best decision.

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