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What Are the Types of Window Tinting Films?

  • by admin
  • Jul 23, 2022
window tinting films

Cars are seen as symbols of class, status, and upward mobility. As an owner, you would want your car to look its best, preferably with tinted windows. Yes, you read that right, tinted windows can give a sleek and upmarket look and feel to your car. There are tinted films that you may get pre-fitted to your car windows at the time of purchasing the car. However, you may add tinted films of your choice later to add style and get other attendant benefits. These include blocking harmful UV rays and reducing glare.

The blog discusses various car window tint options for you to choose from. Each option in the below-mentioned section has its pros and cons. However, before discussing the types, let us first understand the benefits of window tinting your car.

Why Use Car Window Tinting?

There is a plethora of benefits such films shall offer to your car:

  • Better privacy and security
  • A heightened sense of class and style
  • Blocks harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun
  • Protects you from exposure to UV rays
  • Acts as a defense against skin cancer
  • Keeps the interiors cool during summer
  • Prevents the heat from escaping during winter
  • Reduces glare of lights from oncoming vehicles
  • Makes driving safer

What Are the Different Types of Car Window Tint Films?

The various window tinting options to choose for your car are discussed below:

Dyed Film:

This is arguably the cheapest option where the portion of the film near the adhesive layer is dyed with a pigment. It allows sufficient visibility from inside while reducing visibility for the people outside. A dyed film absorbs sun rays as they enter the windows. However, on the downside, the constant exposure to sun rays can break the dye particles sooner forcing you to go for a replacement. Moreover, it does not block the entry of harmful UV rays to the optimal level.

Metalized Film: 

Containing metalized microparticles, the metalized film reflects the incoming sun rays instead of absorbing them. This way, it is more effective than a dyed film. Besides, such films are scratch-resistant and add strength to the car windows. On the downside, such tinted films can interfere with radio communication. Metalized tint films are best avoided if the car occupants frequently use smart devices.

Carbon Film:

This window tinting film contains carbon fiber particles suspended in the film layer that block heat and light. Due to its strong insulating feature, it minimizes the quantum of solar insolation that enters the car’s interior thereby keeping it cooler. The carbon window tinting film is highly durable as well. However, it can be quite expensive compared to other films.

Ceramic Film:

It is the newest kid on the block that has gained popularity for its ability to block up to 99% of UV rays. Arguably it is the most efficient tint film in the market, which can reduce the interior temperature of your car by 50%. No wonder, this can be categorized as the gold standard in car window tinting and is the most expensive of the lot.


Car window tinting film is increasingly used for reasons mentioned above. However, going the DIY way to fix such films may not serve you right as professionals have the requisite knowledge and experience to do the job. Should you be looking at sprucing up the looks of your car and getting the attendant benefits of windows tinting in Calgary, then choose the reliable brand of Calgary Window Tinting.

A range of car tinting products are available at Calgary Window Tint, including XPEL ceramic tint, XPEL color stable, and XPEL high performance films. 3M ceramic tint & regular tint are also offered.

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