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Top Reasons to Apply Paint Protection Film to a Car’s Headlight

  • by admin
  • Jul 17, 2023
Why Apply Paint Protection Film to a Car’s Headlights?

The presence of headlights ensures that we can drive a car safely at night. A car with foggy or damaged headlights would make it extremely difficult to drive cautiously and can even lead to accidents. Hence, it goes without saying that headlights are essential parts of a car that must be preserved properly. Just like the body and other parts of the car get damaged when exposed to external factors such as road salt, weather, dirt, dust, grime, stones, and bugs, the headlights also confront the same fate. It becomes hazy, the clarity reduces, and the effectiveness is also affected. Moreover, the UV protection that a new car’s headlights come with also deteriorates with time for the same reason.

Those new LED headlights aren’t cheap, but they’re sharp. Chips can ruin their look since they’re at the front. In order to prevent these problems, paint protection film can be an ideal solution. Most car owners are unaware that paint protection film can also be applied to headlights. And when told, they are skeptical about its benefits. Hence, to help car owners understand how they can keep their headlights protected and the role of paint protection film in it, in this blog we have discussed all the reasons in this blog. So, check out below what you need to know.

Top Ways Paint Protection Film Would Be Beneficial for Car Headlights

Applying a paint protection film to the car’s headlights can be extremely beneficial. You must be wondering whether it would really matter. This section might help you make the right decision. So, take a look.

#1. Helps minimize UV damage

Since we cannot see UV rays with our naked eyes, we are unaware of how they cause damage/yellowing to our car’s surfaces. It has been found that when a car is continuously exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, the clear coat on the car breaks down. Similarly, when the UV rays continuously react with the headlight’s plastic, it gets degrades, and over time, the car headlight gets more damaged. To overcome this problem, paint protection film can be a great solution. This is because it is designed to offer tough protection against the UV rays and safeguard the headlights from becoming discolored and foggy, which they would otherwise become.


#2. Eliminates and prevents scratches

Scratches and chips are the eternal enemies of a car. So, right after you invest in a car, you have to invest in maintaining it. Since the car headlights are attached to the front of the car, they can be easily subjected to scratches. Once you get paint protection film installed on them, you can have peace of mind that your car headlights won’t easily get damaged by scratches. The self-healing technology of the films helps to heal and eliminate the scratches on the surface of the film when it come in contact with heat. So, any minor scratches can be easily fixed. Moreover, the films are also strong enough for the headlights to escape chips and stay as they are for a long time.

#3. Safeguards against road debris

It can be precarious for your car’s exterior to drive on roads full of debris. This is because they can easily come into contact with the headlights and cause damage. With the help of a paint protection film, you can easily prevent this problem. The film does not let these elements reach the surface of the headlights and keeps them safe. Hence, when your headlights have paint protection film applied to them, you can be sure that you will not lose their clarity.

#4. Improves the car’s appearance

You can use search online to check the difference in appearance between a car’s headlights that is with and without paint protection film. You might notice that the one with paint protection film looks impressive as a shiny finish is added to it. The headlight looks more prominent, and its features also look enhanced! Yes, that is what we are talking about when we say a car’s appearance gets improved. If you live in Calgary and are interested in installing a paint protection film in Calgary on your car’s headlights or other parts of the car, then make sure that you can get in touch with a top detailer.

#5. Cost-effective solution

For protecting the car’s headlights, there are car owners who consider other protection tools like headlight covers. In comparison to them, the paint protection films are comparatively more cost- effective. Plus, while the headlight covers can change the appearance of the car, the paint protection film will not change the appearance at all, and it can offer more long-lasting protection as well. The headlight covers can break, but PPF is a layer and will stay as it is for a very long time with basic maintenance and care.

Take away

Every part of a car is important, and they are there for a reason. As a car owner, you need to take care of every part of the car. If one part fails to perform, then you will certainly face difficulties. And when it is about car headlights, which are often taken for granted by car owners, it becomes a matter of safety. To keep your car’s headlights in the best condition, the above-mentioned reasons are why expert car detailers ask you to get paint protection film installed on the headlights. If you live in Calgary and are interested in applying PPF to your car headlights, then you can get in touch with Calgary Window Tinting.

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