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Everything to Know About Self-Healing Paint Protection Film

  • by admin
  • Feb 24, 2023
know all about self healing paint protection film

Paint protection films, or PPF, are one of the best ways to protect your car. The reason is that the films, when installed on the cars, safeguard them from scratches, paint chips, corrosion, and more. Imagine your car getting a scratch and magically healing itself! This is what a self-healing paint protection film makes possible. Are you thinking it’s too good to be true? Then, you must know what a self-healing paint protection film is, how it works, and the benefits it offers to understand what this paint protection film is capable of doing. In this blog, we have shared all the information that you need to know about self-healing paint protection film.

Now, before you delve deeper, it is important to know that to enjoy all the benefits offered by self-healing paint protection film, it should be installed perfectly. So, if you are considering installing this paint protection film in Calgary, you must hire the best professional to get it done perfectly.

What are Self-Healing Paint Protection Films?

When it comes to paint protection films, many types of variants are available on the market. These films are manufactured to act as a protective layer that creates a barrier between the car’s paint and the external environmental elements that are harmful and can cause damage. These films are mostly transparent, thin, and flexible in nature and can be customized to apply on car’s vulnerable areas like front bumper, hood, fenders, headlights, mirrors and A pillars. You can also get a full vehicle PPF wrap in self healing film.

Now, among the many variants of paint protection films, some of the PPFs have self-healing properties. These PPFs have several layers to them and are made up of polyurethane, adhesives, and a clear coat. They are manufactured using an advanced process. The top layer has heat activated self healing properties. Besides, protecting the car’s paint from stains and fading, these layers work cohesively to safeguard the paint of the car from scratches.

How Self-Healing Paint Protection Film Functions?

When it comes to self-healing paint protection films, it is misleading to say that these films work by removing surface damage that is caused by scratches and other reasons. This is because, in reality, that is not the case. A self-healing PPF works in the following manner.

  • Firstly, the adhesive in the film enables the film to stick to the car (and also allows the installer, when required, to remove the PPF without damaging the car’s paint).
  • The polyurethane material of the PPF helps to safeguard the car’s paint from damage with the help of a relatively thick layer that resists the damage caused by scratches.
  • The clear coat then safeguards the film from any stains, discoloration, and fading.

Now, when this PPF is scratched, the minor damage can be seen on the film’s surface. However, once the films come in contact with heat, the layers of the PPF rearrange themselves on the particle level, or its energy level returns to the lowest state, and this way it dissolves or dissipates the scratches. You can do this by washing the PPF with warm water or a professional may accomplish this with the heat gun.

This process does not affect the film’s integrity, and the same area can be scratched many times before it permanently leaves a mark on the PPF. If the damage is deeper than the film’s self-healing capability the film will need to be replaced.

Before you take a look at all the benefits of installing a car paint protection film, you must ensure that you hire a top professional to install it. So, if you live in Calgary, and want to apply paint protection film in Calgary, you must choose an experienced PPF installer for the service.

Top Benefits of Installing Self-Healing PPF

The benefit of self-healing PPFs is not limited to dissolving minor scratches. There are various other benefits. Let’s check out the different advantages of installing this PPF,

  • It eliminates the need for frequent waxing of the car
  • Offers superior car paint protection
  • Helps to appreciate the resale value of the car
  • It can avoid the need to paint your car due to chips and scratches; therefore, it saves you from the hassles of repainting your car, and saves you money.

Conclusion: When you buy a car, you naturally wonder what you’ll do if it gets scratched. And it is true that scratches, and dings are some of the greatest enemies of a car’s aesthetics. With a self-healing paint protection film, it becomes easier to handle these problems, as you now know how this type of film can dissipate the minor scratches on film, and keep the car’s paint in a good state for a long time. If you are thinking of installing self-healing paint protection film on your car, you need the best professional who can do the work neatly and efficiently. So, if you are in Calgary and want to install car paint protection film in Calgary, then you can get in touch with Calgary Window Tinting. For more information, get in touch with the team.

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  1. Self-healing paint protection films are relatively new in the market, and has become popular due to its great capability of eliminating car scratches. Those are not aware of such PPFs can know what are they from this blog. A great topic have been covered well in this blog.

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