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Paint Protection Film or Waxing – What to Choose?

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  • Jan 10, 2023
paint protection film

Keeping your car in a perfect condition, especially in terms of its looks, requires you to be mindful of the damages your car may suffer over time. And when you start researching the possibilities, it might be difficult to decide which one is better to maintain your car’s looks without stretching your budget.

If we peel away all the industry jargons, car paint protection film, as the name suggests, helps preserve your car’s paint. However, there is another option of frequent waxing as well. Ceramic coating, PPF (paint protection film) and car wax all act as a layer of protection for your car’s paint. But their compositions differ, and their lifespan varies.

Continue reading to know whether waxing or car paint protection is the best option for your car.


1.Scratch-Resistant Coating:

As a car owner, you must be aware that it is practically difficult to avoid scratches and other paint flaws. Usually, most scratches occur on the clear coat, which is the paint’s outermost layer. These are caused by incorrect cleaning, hard rubbing, and several other factors. Here, waxing can act as a protective layer, reducing the chances of minor scratches and swirl marks and preserving the surface for a longer period.

2. Protection Against Solar Fading:

The exterior layer of your vehicle is most vulnerable to the sun’s damaging UV radiation. Overexposure to these rays can damage your car’s paint, creating variances in the paint’s hues, forming spots, and resulting in an unappealing look. With waxing, you can create a protective layer on the surface, preventing UV rays from reaching the paint surface. Thus, waxing can help to avoid long-term damage to your car from sun damage.

3. Protection Against Dust and Bird Droppings:

When you park your vehicle under the cool shade of a tree, you risk getting it soiled from bird droppings and tree sap. They end up drying and staining your car’s paint if you do not clean them off promptly. Regular use also exposes the paint to dust, which deteriorates the original finish. A lustrous carnauba wax coat makes it difficult for dust or bird droppings to stick to the paint, thereby forming a protective barrier.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

1. Reduces Car Washing:

Your car will appear more elegant with the application of a new and self healing paint protection film. However, without PPF, the brilliance can diminish over time, and as a upkeep measure, it would need to be washed or waxed frequently. Most quality car protection films coatings repel dirt, water, and grime picked up while driving. If any of these settles on the film, you should quickly wipe it off with a PPF cleaner. This can save your car a full wash and minimize your maintenance costs while providing superior results.

2. Prevents Fading of Car Paint:

Besides, rain and snow, sunlight exposure can cause fading, leaving your paintwork looking dull and unattractive. Furthermore, if the car receives uneven sunlight, different spots may develop different shades, and you may need to repaint your car. PPF, because of its unique chemical features, protects against damaging UV radiation and prevents fading.

While these are mostly related to the aesthetics of your car, they can cause serious damage to the body of the car as well. Car bodies are usually made of iron, which when left in the open, can cause rust to form. A car paint protection film can protect your car’s paint from scratches, and chipping as well. So, it is better to opt for it.

3. Improves Car’s Resale Value:

When planning to sell your automobile, it is important to consider its resale value. Quality and mileage are two aspects that influence a car’s worth. Fortunately, keeping the automobile in good condition contributes to its higher resale value. Adding automotive paint protection is one way to achieve this. Most purchasers want clean cars, and paint is an important component of making a good first impression.

Cars can sustain damage in the form of door dings when parked, particularly in public parking such as restaurants, shopping malls, and supermarkets. Although scratches can be repainted, the cost of repainting and better resale value makes PPF an important investment.

4. Prevents Chemical Damage:

Roads are often strewn with sand and salt to melt ice and snow. Unfortunately, these, along with other chemicals, are abrasive to your car’s paint. They cause the paint to get damaged over time, allowing rust to form. A paint protection film can protect or reduce damage to the car from weather elements, such as rains, hailstorm, humidity, and toxic chemicals.


When it comes to maintaining the aesthetics of your car, you should consider a quality paint protection film over waxing to get a slew of benefits. Because paint protection film is made of rugged urethane, it provides superior protection to traditional waxes. Most high quality paint protection films are also covered by a 10 year warranty.. Additionally, unlike waxes, PPF does not wear off or require frequent reapplication. If you reside in Calgary, Canada, you may opt for a quality paint protection film in Calgary and get the benefits it offers. To get this service and prevent damage to your car’s paint, contact Calgary Window Tinting right away.

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  1. Thanks to the writer for covering this topic. Waxing and paint protection film often creates confusion in the mind of car owners. These points would help to decide, which would successfully offer better protection, and would be durable.

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