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How Do Professionals Install Car Paint Protection Film?

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  • May 12, 2023
How Is a Car Paint Protection Film Installed?

Car owners want their car’s shiny exterior to last for a long time; however, it is easier said than done. Continuous exposure to damaging environmental elements such as UV rays, moisture, hail storms, and others impacts the paint of the car and can do awful damage to it. This is why the number of car owners installing paint protection films is rising faster than ever before. One thing that should be kept in mind when a car owner decides to install paint protection film is that it must be properly installed. Installing a paint protection film following either a DIY method or with the help of a professional is not the same, and makes a lot of difference, as the former would not be as beneficial as the latter. To help you understand the ‘why’ behind this, we have tried to cover everything that you need to know.

Paint Protection Film: What Is It?

Paint protection films or PPF are designed to protect the car’s paint, which runs the risk of getting scratched, accumulating dust, getting exposed to the UV rays of the sun, and more. Although car paints are tough, continuous exposure to external forces can weaken it, as paints usually are now made to be environmentally friendly. This is why paint protection films are necessary.

Standard paint protection films are made of thermoplastic urethane material. WhenaPPFis properly applied on the top of the car’s paint, it shields the car from the above-mentioned threats.

So, let’s now check how professionals install these car paint protection films.

A Step-by-Step Guide to How Professionals Install the PPF

Find out what the steps involved in this process are.

Top Best Practices Followed by the Professionals

  • Professionals always make it a point to garage the car in an environment that is free of dust and dirt when installing paint protection film.
  • Do not apply PPF to a car’s surface that has been poorly repainted or to surfaces that have been coated with Teflon, ceramic, or wax.
  • They store the paint protection film in a controlled temperature, dry place and take it out just before the film is ready to be installed. Otherwise, an extended period of exposure directly to the air can affect the quality of the film.


Car’s Surface Preparation


Mainly, the first step of the paint protection film installation starts with the car’s surface preparation, which is extremely crucial and should not be skipped. Claying the surface decontaminates the paint. Polish is done if required to fix the imperfections on the paint.

  • Professionals ensure their hands are clean

It is extremely important to clean the hands before applying the paint protection film. The reason behind this is that the fingertips first touch the car’s surface during the installation, and if they are dirty, then the installation may be affected. Thus, professionals always ensure that their hands are clean.

  • Eliminates the stains

With the help of a clay and cleaning lube, the surface of the vehicle is scrubbed thoroughly. The professionals make sure that there are no marks of oil stains, dust, or debris on the surface of the car, which can cause a hindrance and effect the results.

  • Wipes the entire car with alcohol solution

After cleaning, the professionals wipe the car with the help of alcohol solution and a lint free microfiber towel until the surface becomes dry.       

Application or Installation of the Paint Protection Film

Know that the professionals can use three different solutions individually to install the paint protection film: installation gel, soap solution, and alcohol solution.

  • First, the film is cut according to the size of the car. Some extra film is left on the edges of the panel, where film is being installed.
  • The soap solution with which the car will be sprayed are taken out, and professionals coat their hands with the solutionand prepare the tool for application.
  • Apply the slip solution to the car’s surface. Ensure the solution is evenly sprayed, as only then will the paint protection film can be moved for adjustment.
  • Release the liner on the film and spray or apply the slip solution to the PPF’s adhesive side.
  • Finally, the paint protection film is installed after the professional has tacked the film, the professionals makes sure before proceeding to the installation stage that the PPF is positioned properly. This is done because once the PPF is installed, it becomes difficult to reposition it.
  • With the help of a squeegee, push out the slip solution under the PPF layer. Professionals make overlapping strokes with the squeegee to get rid of as much solution as possible. Professionals also get rid of any bubbles or pockets that might have found their way during this stage.
  • For a proper fit, at this point, the professionals stretch the film to give it the shape of the car. However, there are elastic films, and they settle naturally and conform to curved surfaces; these films can be easily pulled with the use of heat. If the film is stretched too much, it can leave stretch marks. Before the film is stretched, the professionals apply an alcohol solution on the adhesive part of the film; this acts as a catalyst and helps the bonding process get accelerated, as the slip solution is removed under the adhesive and softens it as well.
  • Professionals keep the film’s adhesive wet during the entire application process as it helps in repositioning, reducing the occurrence of lines. In order to avoid stretch marks, what you can do is not to pull up the film once it’s locked.


Application of paint protection film is a complicated job, as you can see; one needs to be highly focused and an expert to perform this. And the most difficult part is that it is a one-shot work, so in the DIY method, if you commit a mistake, the film may have to be replaced, and that means a waste of time and money. Hence, let the professionals do the job and get a perfect installation service. In case you are based in Calgary and looking for the best car paint protection film installation service, you can get in touch with Calgary Window Tinting. Top professionals here follow the best practices and deliver the best paint protection film installation service.

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