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Top 5 Home Window Tinting Mistakes to Avoid

  • by admin
  • Dec 20, 2022
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A home typically loses approximately 30% of the heat energy due to windows. On the other hand, when a tint is installed the energy loss reduces considerably. This is because the window tints are designed to block heat from the sun, shields against UV rays and improve privacy and can appreciate the value of the property. However, to get all the benefits out of the window tints, you must make sure that you make the best decisions on selecting the right type of film. So, here are some of the mistakes that are commonly made by many when investing in home window tinting. This makes it imperative for you to take a look at these mistakes, and avoid making them.

Top 5 Window Tinting Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Window tinting can be of great help, however, if you want to get the best out of it, then here are some of the top mistakes that you should avoid.

Improper Cleaning While Installing Window Tint:

It is important to ensure that the window where you are installing the tint is clean, free of any residue and debris. Otherwise, if you leave the window’s glass unclean, and install the tint, then it can result in stains and marks. Prior to installing the tint, the windows should be cleaned to remove all previous tints, tapes, and dirt. An unclean window’s glass may also prevent the adhesive film from adhering to it, and won’t give a clean look and finish. If you wish, you may choose to clean both sides of the window the night before installation. The professional home tinting specialist will, however, ensure that the windows are properly cleaned.

Choosing to DIY Home Window Tinting Installation:

Let professionals do the necessary, and don’t try to install the tint yourself. So, if you are someone who wants to install window tint, make sure that you hire a professional for the work. Otherwise, if you think that you will save money by installing the tint, then that can be a costly mistake. Installation of window tints requires knowledge, and techniques, therefore it is best that you let professional installers do the job.

Furthermore, home window tint selection is not as straightforward as automotive tint, where there are typically two types of tint available. Home window tinting requires checking how many panes of glass each window has. What surface of the glass is coated with a low-e coating. What kind of weather do you live in? Does the top of the window have any shade? You’ll have to consider all these factors when choosing a film. If you select the wrong film for your application according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. The warranty won’t cover any glass breakage caused by window tinting film.

Not hiring an experienced company:

When you are thinking of installing window tint, your first and foremost important decision is to hire a reputable and experienced company. A company that is in the field for years should have the right resources and skilled professionals, so they can offer the solutions that you will need and can perfectly perform the installation work.

Choosing low-quality brands:

There are many windows tint brands available in the market, and the product varies according to their quality. If you choose low-quality home window tinting it may not last for a long time, and eventually, you will have to buy another one. So, that’s just a way to spend more.

On the other hand, let experts guide you when choosing window tints, and buy the one that suits your needs.

Not examining warranty terms:

It is important that you examine the warranty protection of the product. This is to ensure that if the product gets damaged before it is supposed to then the company can be contacted for warranty coverage. Thus, it is important that you choose a company that offers warranty protection for their installs.


So, these are some of the mistakes that you should always stay cautious about and avoid to have a better window tinting installation experience. There are other mistakes that can affect the effectiveness of window tints, however, we have narrowed to some of the top mistakes. Now, one of the most important points that have been mentioned here is that you should always hire the best installers for the best quality services. So, if you live in Calgary, then you can hire Window Tinting Calgary for the best home window tinting installation.

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  1. When installing a window tint, people make a lot of mistakes, due to a lack of knowledge and understanding. To avoid the mistakes, here is a detailed guide on the same, as the writer has explained the commonly made mistakes, and shared what should be the right approaches.

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