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How Much Car Window Tinting Services Can Cost You? – Find Out

  • by admin
  • Jan 23, 2023
car window tinting cost

We have already mentioned it earlier, and we would say it again that car or residential tinting is just not for aesthetics. The tints offer a lot of benefits, such as they protect the passengers, and the interior of the car from UV rays, allow passengers to enjoy privacy in the car, etc.

Irrespective of all the benefits they offer, many car owners are reluctant about availing car window tinting services, and one of the many reasons for this is most of them are informed about how much car window tinting costs. Now, although there are a lot of factors that determine the cost, we would like to give you a good idea about the same in this blog.

So, if you are interested to know, you can continue reading this blog.

What is Car Window Tinting?

Car window tinting refers to the procedure of adding tinted dark films to the car’s windows. Several types of window tinting films can be added to car windows that vary in terms of brand, material, shades and etc. Based on the choice, and need of the car owners, window tints are installed.

Top Reasons to Consider Car Window Tinting

There are many reasons why car owners consider installing car window tinting. Some of the reasons have been mentioned below.

Blocks Up to 99% and More UV Rays:

The car windows in general are unable to block the UV rays properly. Continuous exposure to these rays can harm your skin, hair, and eyes. With car window tinting, you can block these rays, and stay protected.

Keeps Car Interior Cool:

Tinted car windows reduce the sun heat from entering the car interior, and keep the car interior cool. Thus, the car passengers and drivers can stay comfortable during hot sunny days inside the car.

Adds privacy

Since the window tints darken the car windows’ glass surface, tinting helps to provide the car passengers more privacy.

Preserves car interior

Due to continuous exposure to UV rays just like the human skin gets damaged, the car interior also is affected severely. For instance, these rays can cause car seats, and upholstery to become faded, and discolored. Therefore, when these rays are unable to enter, the car interiors stay as it is for an extended period of time.

How Much Does It Cost to Tint Car Windows?

Now, various brands and types of tints are available in the market at different price points. Some tints are equipped with more features than others and are available in the market at a higher price rate than the ones that are inferior in quality. In this section, let’s check out what the standard car tint in Calgary installation services costs based on the types, and requirements at Calgary window tinting installation center.

Prime CS Tint

Charges for Prime CS tints installation are as follows:

  • Tint installation for two windows costs: $220 (includes the rear, or front door windows)
  • Tint installation for three windows costs: $378 (includes two door windows, and the rear screen)
  • Tint installation for five windows costs: $440 (includes four-door windows, and a rear screen)

Other XPEL Prime CS tint services

  • One window tint cost: $120 (includes any door window)
  • Rear window tint from $199
  • Old window tint removal charges: $75 to $249 (cost of tint removal services depend on the condition of the film, and the number of windows where the tints need to be removed from)
  • Shaved edges from $15/door (price per door window)

Ceramic Tint

Installation of ceramic window tints cost are as follows:

  • Tint installation charges for two windows: $295 (includes any two doors’ windows)
  • Tint installation for three windows costs: $540 (includes two doors’ windows and rear screen)
  • Tint installation for five windows costs: $640 (includes four doors’ windows and rear screen)

Other XPEL Ceramic tint services

  • One window tint charge: $149 (any door window)
  • Old window tint removal services cost: $75 to $249 (the cost of the removal services depends upon the condition of the film, and the number of windows involved)
  • Rear window tint from $429 (price for most rear screens)

So, in this section, you can get a clear picture of what standard car window tinting installation, removal and other services can cost. However, for the exact prices, and charges for Calgary window tinting services it is best that you contact the professionals directly.


Now that you have come to the end of the blog, hopefully, you have got a better idea about how much an expert, and quality car tint installation service may cost you. And, this information can help you to make the right decision about your car. It is also important to know that you may find cheaper car tint installation services, and other related services, however, they may not be up to mark, a quality car tint’s price is on the higher side as they are the best you can get in terms of durability, effectiveness, quality, and other latest features. The cheaper car tints may not last long, and be less effective. So, you must understand that you should avail proper car window tinting services from the best professionals if you want to enjoy the best results.

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  1. When it comes to car window tinting cost, many are not sure, and they think it would be a pricey affair without many benefits. This blog has made an effort to clear the confusion in different sections, therefore, it can be of great help.

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