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DIY vs. Professional Car Ceramic Coating Application: What to Choose?

  • by admin
  • Mar 22, 2023

Car owners want their car’s paintwork to last for a long time and stay as shiny as a new car. This is common since a car owner spends significant amount on the purchase of a car. And this is where paint protections, such as car ceramic coatings, play an important role. Due to the many benefits that are offered by car ceramic coating, many car owners these days are investing in it. However, when it comes to the application of the ceramic coating, some car owners hire professionals, and there are others who choose to do it themselves using DIY kits. Now, while this is a personal decision and it is up to them which option, they choose, the question in some car owners’ minds remains: which is the better option? So, if you are someone who is thinking about whether to hire professionals to apply car ceramic coating to your car or choose the DIY method, then this blog can guide you in the right direction.

So, let’s study some of the vital aspects that would help reveal which option would be the best one.

Quality of the ceramic coating:

Car owners need to know that when it comes to car coatings, there are no all-in-one maintenance solutions. And, therefore, professional ceramic coatings are also not available on the market as an all-in-one car protectant. In fact, they are available in various unique formulations and are used for different applications.

On the other hand, DIY ceramic coatings are advertised as all-in-one products, and over time, these products may fail to show results. This is because most DIY ceramic kits are not designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and may fail to fix the imperfections on the car that you can expect from a professional car ceramic coating solution.

The professional’s ceramic car coatings are available in various formulations that are best installed by professionals. And a skilled installer will insure a proper paint correction and a high quality product is used.

Complicated preparation work:

The application of ceramic coating requires you or professionals to prepare the car’s surface. Now, you have to understand that if your car’s exterior has suffered damages, then it is necessary that you first fix the imperfections, as no car ceramic coating formulation would fix the already present defects.

If you visit a professional ceramic coating centre that offers car ceramic coating application services, you will find that they follow several steps to offer the services, and these include decontamination of the surface, car washing, and paint correction including touch-ups before proceeding to the ceramic coating application stage.

Their work includes clay bar treatment and panel wiping with diluted isopropyl alcohol solution. And, depending on the car’s current paint surface condition, it can take hours to prepare the car’s paint surface and make it ready to receive a ceramic coating application.

If you choose the DIY method, you would have to do all these works since preparing the car paint’s surface is absolutely essential. So, not only is it time-consuming, but most importantly, you should ask yourself, “Will you be able to puff off all this work like an expert? In the absence of experience and knowledge, you can even end up damaging the car’s paint surface. So, choose wisely.

Application process:

Next, as we come to the application part, you need to know that professionals apply the best ceramic coatings on the car in a controlled environment and setting. Since qualified professionals know the techniques and are experienced, they are unlikely to cause any mistakes. However, the application is a complicated process, and applying layers while wiping it off at the right time is inexperiencedly is not an easy task. High spots of uneven ceramic coating look unpleasant.

And, even if you applied the ceramic coating layers, on a contaminated surface, they would not bond well with your car. This is because professionals use proper surface prep to ensure that the ceramic coating layer is installed on a clean surface of the car’s paint. Also, they know how to layer up the layers for the best protection.

This is why the DIY ceramic coating can be a waste of time and money if you are unable to follow these steps. Also, in the DIY application, the quality of the ceramic coating is such that it cannot build enough depth and enhance the look of the car.


It so may happen that after you apply the ceramic coating with the DIY method, you may be required to visit the professionals later for paint correction services. In fact, this is quite common instances that professionals deal with. You may have followed all the instructions on the DIY ceramic kit on how to apply it; however, there remains a high chance that you didn’t buff the required area. Also, without a professional, you may get an unstable result every time you apply the coating yourself.

It is not unlikely for you to mess up the application process when you DIY. And, due to improper application, you can end up with cloudy reflections on the car and high spots. And these need to be corrected by professionals.

It is needless to say that professional applications offer highly consistent results due to their experience. Professionals work in a controlled environment with the right tools to give you a great outcome.

Attractive Warranties:

When you choose professional car ceramic coating, know that it comes with different types of warranties. You may be able to enjoy a two-year, a four-year, or even more warranty packages, which guarantee a long-lasting result. Warranties often require a professional install.

On the other hand, DIY ceramic kits often do not come with warranty So, they are definitely not worth the effort you put in to apply them since later you may have to seek a professional to fix the issues.


So, these are some of the areas and information that can help you choose the most suitable option. Now, truth be told, if you are selecting the DIY method just because it is the inexpensive option, then make sure that you are prepared to experience an inferior result. And know that very soon you may have to spend more time and money to apply another coat of professional ceramic on your car. On the other hand, professionals offer the best ceramic coating application services in every way, and you can protect your car in a far more superior way. However, it is for you to decide. And, in case you are looking for professionals in Calgary who can offer the best car ceramic coating application services, then you can get in touch with Calgary Window Tinting.

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  1. This blog has nicely presented the reasons why it is reasonable to hire professionals to apply car ceramic coating. Thanks to the writer for highlighting what can go wrong if the DIY method is used for the application process.

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