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Common Ceramic Coating Mistakes Car Owners Should Avoid

  • by admin
  • Aug 8, 2023
Top Ceramic Coating Errors Car Owners Should Avoid

Applying car ceramic coating is a great way to keep your car’s paint safeguarded from the wrath of external forces such as watermarks, UV rays, road salt, scratches, and more. However, your car can enjoy all these benefits only when the car’s ceramic coating has been applied in the right manner. Although it is easier said than done, it is extremely important. As a car owner, it is highly likely that you are not aware of where the application can go wrong, so you need to gather the information. To help you know where the car’s ceramic coating can go wrong, here are all the mistakes that you must be aware of and avoid at all costs.

Let’s start with the basics for a better understanding.

What Is Car Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a layer that acts as a barrier between the car’s body, and the external factors. Generally, a top-notch ceramic coating is made up of silicon dioxide, quartz, and other materials. This coating helps to safeguard the car’s exterior from dust, dirt, UV rays, and chemicals.

When you apply a car ceramic coating, it can help to keep the car’s paint preserved for a long time. However, any mistakes can reduce their effectiveness.

So, let’s check out in the next section the ceramic coating application mistakes that you should be aware of.

Top Ceramic Coating Mistakes to Avoid

The application of the car ceramic coating properly is the key to getting all the benefits that it offers. This process is best done with the help of top professionals, as they know the right techniques and how to apply the ceramic coating. To help you get a good idea about what could go wrong, whichever method you use, hopefully, you will be in a position to prevent it.

#1. Not preparing the car’s surface

When applying car ceramic coating, it is extremely important to ensure that the surface is clean and dry. Top-notch professionals generally start with preparing the car’s exterior. They clean and remove the dirt, and debris, from the surface of the car, fix and repair the car’s surface if required, and only then move on to the next step of cleaning the paint with isopropyl alcohol solution diluted to manufacturer’s recommendation.

#2. A thick or uneven layer of ceramic coating is applied

Often, applying a thick layer of the car ceramic coating can also ruin the look of the car ceramic coating. The main reason behind this is an uneven finish and unsightly runs. It will definitely take more time to apply car ceramic coating, than coating a even layer. Hence, the professional must make sure that they do not rush through the process, and slowly applies the ceramic coating to the car.

Interestingly, when applied rightly, an even layer of ceramic coating will not only look aesthetic but also protect the car’s paint better.

#4. Not curing the coating

Don’t avoid an important step like curing the coat. After application, the ceramic coating needs to cure. Different coatings might require different curing times. So, it is important for the ceramic coating to get cured. The manufacturer’s instructions should be followed here.

#5. Using the wrong tools

It is vital to understand that the ceramic coating requires a separate type of application pad with plastic barrier, so the pad doesn’t absorb all the product. Hence, make sure that the professionals are using the right type and grade of applicators for a smooth finish. Otherwise, the application could be ineffective or uneven.

#6. No protection to the coating provided

Remember one thing: once the ceramic coating has been applied, it must be maintained properly. In this matter, it is best to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. When the coating is maintained in the right manner, its lifespan gets extended, and you will be able to enjoy its benefits for a long time.

#7. Application of the coating directly under the sun

The application of a ceramic coating should not be performed in direct sunlight. The reason for this is that whenever the liquid coating is applied in one place, it tends to dry before you can wipe of the area. This will create an uneven application, which is definitely not ideal. Instead, the top professionals apply ceramic coating in a place that is away from the sun, dry, and under temperature control.

#8. Choosing a poor-quality ceramic coating

Never make the mistake of choosing a poor-quality ceramic coating. Instead, take the help of the experts who can guide you to choose the best ceramic coating brand available on the market. Only a good quality ceramic coating will give you the benefits for which you are applying the ceramic coating in the first place.


The above-mentioned mistakes might appear insignificant to you while reading. However, the reality is different, and honestly, these errors in the application of the coating can make the investment meaningless. And if you don’t realize that the problem has occurred because of some installation error, you might end up blaming the brand of the ceramic coating or questioning the benefits of car ceramic coating. If you don’t want such things to happen and want that car ceramic coating gives you all the benefits, then the best thing would be to do the job with the help of top-notch professionals. If you are based in Calgary, and looking for application services, then you can get in touch with Calgary Window Tinting.

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