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5 Reasons to Consider Paint Protection Film Over Ceramic Coating

  • by admin
  • Oct 14, 2022
paint protection film

In Calgary, car owners typically have to decide between ceramic coating and paint protection film when it comes to protecting their vehicle’s exterior, especially the paint. While both offer a layer of protection, PPF is more like a phone screen protector with awesome clarity and self-healing properties. Both differ in some important ways. In strength and longevity and rock chip protection PPF wins but ceramic coating has excellent dirt and water repellent properties and better protection than traditional car wax products. In short, ceramic coating is compliment to PPF but not replacement. However, we’re going to focus on paint protection films in this blog.

Bad car paint is every car owner’s worst nightmare. It not only detracts from your driving image but also lowers the value of the vehicle. After all, when someone looks at your car, the paint job is what they notice first.

What happens when your car’s paint starts to fade or chip? To give the paint on their car’s new life, many car owners choose paint correction which eats up clear coat. Buffing and polishing is not inexpensive but severe damage would need paint job which is relatively expensive. The use of paint protection films is a great way to maintain the quality of your paint. But why not simply shield the paint from the beginning? Thus, going for paint protection film is a great way!

The paint protection film is a transparent urethane material that is applied to the outside of your car like an invisible sheet. The procedure is straight forward and efficient, and the film’s protection is provided by tough particles that make up the film. There are numerous options available for your vehicle, including XPEL PPF Calgary, and 3M paint protection film.

Top Reasons to Choose Paint Protection Film


These reasons will tell you why considering paint protection film is the best choice!

1. Simple to Clean:

When a car is new, the paint job is flawless. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain that glossy and lustrous appearance. The fact that top tier paint protection film repels water, dust, and road debris, makes the task of cleaning your car simple enough. Most often, wiping down the car is sufficient rather than a thorough cleaning. Want to increase the dirt repellent properties on your painted surface? Combine the paint protection film with a ceramic coating.

2. Guards Cars Against Fading:

Fading is among the most prevalent issues that car owners have to deal with. When the car is left out in the sun for a long time, the paint fades. You might need to repaint or get polished to different areas depending on where you park. The paint on your car is shielded from UV radiation by a special chemical property of paint protection films.

Paint-protective films provides cover from rain on your paint, especially acid rain. Acid rain corrodes your paint as well as the metal underlying it. Acid rain causes severe corrosion if it is allowed to build up for a long time. Acid rain cannot be avoided due to industrialization. Thus, you need to protect the paint on your car. Make sure to shield the interior of your car as well as the exterior of it from fading. Solar window films can provide the UV protection to your interior. Your interior is kept cool and shielded from the sun, thanks to window tinting.

3. Increase the Resale Value of Your Car:

There are countless reasons for car owners to sell their vehicles. Except in the case of classics, they typically lose value quickly. Today’s market has many new car buyers looking for well-maintained vehicles. A car’s paint speaks volumes about its state. The best paint protection is paint protection film. It preserves the luster of your car and shortens the need for routine exterior maintenance. The paint protection film, also referred to as a “clear bra,” shields your paint from dings and other environmental harm. The paint protection film prevents rock chips, swirl marks, stains, and other minuscule flaws from the top layer. Deeper scratches that are beyond the film’s self-healing capability can be easily removed with the removal of the film given that the scratches did not breach the paint.

4. Safeguarding Against Chemical Reaction:

There are numerous chemicals that might eventually damage the paint on your car. You must be concerned about paint deterioration brought on by acid, tree sap, dish soap, and bird droppings. Your paint is eaten away by these chemicals, leaving the bare metal exposed to the elements. Road salt is frequently used to melt snow. Rust cannot be avoided when unprotected metal comes into contact with winter salt. Rust increases the cost of maintaining the exterior. Thus, the paint protection film is the best way to shield your car’s exterior from chemical reactions. You can keep the factory-finish for a very long time.

5. Long-Term Savings:

Installers of paint protection film will tell you how much less expensive it is to maintain a protective film than bare paint. It keeps the color of the car constant over the course of its service life because it covers the paint and provides a sacrificial layer. Your car will not require frequent repainting or paint correction procedures thanks to paint protection films. Furthermore, paint protection film reduces car maintenance time and costs on the exterior of the vehicle because it is a long-term form of protection.

Final Words:

A high-quality and long-lasting paint protection option for your car’s exterior is a paint protection film. It keeps the shine of your clear coat and is effective against dirt, road grime, and grease. Paint protection film installation is not an easy task. So, you will need the appropriate equipment and experience for the job. Contact Calgary Window Tinting solutions for installations of the highest caliber paint protection film and window tinting in Calgary.

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  1. Car owners become confused when it comes to choosing paint protection film and ceramic coating. This is because both offer common sets of benefits. In this blog, the writer has clearly explained the benefits of both the services, and how one is superior to the other. Therefore, it would help car owners to make better decision.

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